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Our company specializes in performing painting works both indoors and outdoors.

Holzhaus Antony E.

We offer contemporary timber construction services, whether it’s for extensions, additions, or building a complete house. Take advantage of the benefits of wood as a material, including energy savings, short construction times, sustainability, and financial efficiency. The planning is tailored individually to the customer’s requirements. Holzhaus Antony E. realizes your construction projects while considering modern timber construction techniques and materials.

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Timber frame construction relies on the healthy building material wood and offers a flexible system that perfectly adapts to individual customer preferences. Ideal for extensions and additions, this construction method not only creates a cozy indoor climate but also enables environmentally friendly and sustainable design. Timber frame construction combines health, individuality, and ecological responsibility in a forward-thinking construction method.


Expand your home with extensions – for more space, freedom, and added value. Whether it’s expanding living space, adding a conservatory, or creating an impressive entrance area, the construction possibilities are almost limitless. Even with a solidly built house, a wooden extension integrates harmoniously. Thanks to flexible facade design and slim walls, you not only gain more space but also create a healthy indoor climate in the house.


Wood is the ideal choice for your carport, as it allows for custom-made designs tailored to the customer’s preferences. The diverse design options range from traditional to modern, ensuring you get a carport that perfectly matches your style and your property’s requirements. The natural aesthetics and durability of wood make your carport not only functional but also an aesthetic highlight. Give your vehicle a stylish shelter that seamlessly blends into the surroundings.



An extension is the perfect way to create additional living space on your own property. Through this construction measure, you can optimize the existing space and efficiently expand the living area. This not only offers practical benefits but also allows you to increase the value of your property. With an extension, you can adjust the space requirements and flexibly adapt to changing living needs without occupying additional space on the property.



A wooden garden house is an absolute must for every garden enthusiast. The use of this ecological material not only adds natural charm to your garden but also creates a sustainable and environmentally friendly space. The wooden garden house not only provides functional storage space but also serves as a cozy retreat that harmoniously blends into the green surroundings. Indulge in the timeless beauty and ecological sustainability of a wooden garden house for your green paradise.


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